A New Branding Strategy in Today’s Competitive Job Market

Are you looking for a roadmap to achieve professionalism in the workplace?

Are you an experienced professional, young professional or starting a new career? Are you overwhelmed by the new skills you need to compete, get hired and be successful? Professionalism: New Rules for Workplace Career Success is a step-by-step guide that provides practical tips, strategies and techniques every professional can use to manage work and business situations.

Do you know the top characteristics employers look for in employees?

How many top characteristics do you have one, two or three? Do you know which ones you need? There are unfavorable traits which are “red flags” to employers. Learn the top 17 characteristics and those you should avoid.

Do you know how to act with integrity in the workplace?

Do you make the right choice when faced with a right or wrong decision? Professionals who have integrity possess essential characteristics. Learn what they are and how to apply ten integrity principles at work.

Are you accountable and responsible for your productivity in the workplace?

Do you take ownership for your assigned tasks? Do you make excuses for outcomes that are not positive? Learn accountability principles that will promote your professionalism and distinguish you from others.

What makes your personal brand distinctive?

Do you stand out from your peers? What three words do others use to describe you? Are you using business tools essential to your success? Learn personal branding strategies that will enhance your visibility and make you stand out.

What does your body language communicate to others about you?

Your body speaks louder than words. Do you communicate power, confidence, influence, sincerity and other attitudes that are not expressed verbally? Are you aware of the gestures you make and what they communicate? Understand how body language influences the perceptions of others. Learn how to manage your non-verbal communication when it matters.

How does your business dining etiquette measure up?

Visible signs of your table manners are essential to your professional success. Do you have a business lunch or interview? Do you know which side of the table place setting are your liquids? Which fork should you use first? Where should you place your napkin when you finish your meal? Polished table manners speak volumes about your professionalism. Learn table manners for American and European dining styles.

What does your professional appearance communicate to others about you?

Ask yourself “How Do I Look?” Do you communicate professionalism, trust, confidence and leadership? Your appearance creates a perception in people’s minds what you think of yourself and career. Let your appearance be your secret to success. Learn how to dress for business and business casual occasions and “what not to wear.”

Professionalism is a career guide for everyone.

Professionalism: New Rules for Workplace Career Success is an indispensable resource to enable you to manage your professionalism, increase your visibility and accelerate your career.

“Career success begins with professionalism.”


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